We live in a world bereft of great storytelling. We are surrounded by stories, to be sure, but lack the imagination or patience to grab hold of them. People sit at coffee shops and bus stations and bars, each one with their own narrative, but the stories are never told.

CultureMass Media seeks to find and tell these stories. We seek to explore the nexus of culture and place, then set what’s happening in the world against the backdrop of who it’s happening to and how it affects them. Culture is the arc in our narrative from which we tease out the personal meaning. It’s the beliefs and values of our society, and it’s by definition what people are talking about. When a woman tells her friend “You gotta hear this…”, it is the this that CultureMass Media will comment on and bring meaningful thought to.

Let’s make it more concrete. The United States is currently in the middle of a presidential election cycle, and there is no shortage of media coverage of the various candidates and policy issues. And while some of our team may in fact be fascinated by those issues, we as a company are uninterested. What we find interesting is how the issues are affecting everyday Americans, and how they are effecting changes in the culture as a whole.

Look, we’re the new kids on the block. We have lofty ideals to match our lofty prose. There will be stumbling and setbacks. We get that, and that’s why we’ve made the bedrock of CultureMass Media our people. The product is great content, but the foundation is great people. So we started with building a team of founders who are all of exemplary moral, intellectual, and creative fiber. We’re not the biggest names, but we have the collective talent and vision to shake up the digital media space.

And with your help, we will look forward to sharing that journey with you.

The Founders